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Welcome to The Chandigarh Art! We are a small, independent art studio offering a range of art education programs for all age groups and skill levels. We provide coaching classes for entrance test exams of all India’s leading art colleges, become a professional artist, or just wish to develop your artistic skills in your spare time, we offer the best art education brought to you by practicing artists in the heart of Chandigarh.

The Chandigarh Art nurtures the capacity for learning and experimentation in art. We guide students to develop their personal expression, to become visually literate citizens, or to simply enjoy the process of creativity. We emphasize a collaborative learning environment across a wide range of disciplines. Learning, exploring, experimenting while having fun and expanding their artistic passion is at the center of our dynamic curriculum. Through the exhibition, studio lessons, and critiques, Chandigarh Art promotes curiosity and creative risk-taking among its students.

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"Chandigarh Art program encompasses a broad range of subjects designed to meet the needs of amateur, intermediate and advanced students and help them explore their artistic and creative potential to the fullest. The subjects cover Drawing, Painting, Graphic Design, mixed media as well as new media. Students are exposed to art history and contemporary art as a natural extension of their studio practice. "

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