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"Chandigarh Art encourages you to use art and creativity as a means of self-expression, whether you are starting out on a therapeutic journey, wishing to reignite your creativity, or continuing to develop your artistic interests. Chandigarh Art can help. "
"Chandigarh Art aims to promote well-being and enable recovery through our Art Therapy Service, Art Therapy can support individuals and groups, working with both children and/or adults. "
"Chandigarh Art Sessions provide individuals an opportunity to explore their creativity by experimenting with a range of art materials as part of a personal journey of self-expression. "
" We also offer a range of one-off creative Workshop sessions to encourage and enable groups to work together creatively to explore themes around emotional wellbeing, using a creative framework each of these sessions is tailored to meet individuals’ requirements. "
" Chandigarh Art Sessions provides children, young people and adults with a friendly and welcoming space to enjoy being creative and to explore art-making. You are free to create anything you wish in the Chandigarh Art and a range of media will be available. Chandigarh Art sessions are supported by a qualified adult – who is on hand to bounce ideas off and to give support or guidance if it is needed. "

Satya Hans

We aim to enhance creativity & improve quality of life. We promote art as a therapy & help people evolve in their understanding of themselves & the world.

Satya Hans (BFA, MFA in Appiled Art)

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