Chandigarh Art encourages you to use art and creativity as a means of self-expression, whether you are starting out on a therapeutic journey, wishing to reignite your creativity, or continuing to develop your artistic interests. Chandigarh Art can help. Chandigarh Art aims to promote well-being and enable recovery through our Art Therapy Service, Art Therapy can support individuals and groups, working with both children and/or adults. Chandigarh Art Sessions provide individuals an opportunity to explore their creativity by experimenting with a range of art materials as part of a personal journey of self-expression We also offer a range of one-off creative Workshop sessions to encourage and enable groups to work together creatively to explore themes around emotional wellbeing, using a creative framework each of these sessions is tailored to meet individuals’ requirements. Chandigarh Art Sessions provides children, young people and adults with a friendly and welcoming space to enjoy being creative and to explore art-making. You are free to create anything you wish in the Chandigarh Art and a range of media will be available. Chandigarh Art sessions are supported by a qualified adult – who is on hand to bounce ideas off and to give support or guidance if it is needed.

Director's Message
We aim to enhance creativity & improve quality of life. We promote art as a therapy & help people evolve in their understanding of themselves & the world.

Satya Hans

(BFA, MFA in Appiled Art)


Chandigarh Art can Inspire An Artist in You!

Haven’t drawn a single line ever yet the heart stands strong to be an artist? We welcome you, as we have hunted down the most experienced and skilled artist to not only motivate you but also to teach you the basics of every aspect of art. With determination, consistency, and practice we assure you the results of a few weekend art classes.

We strictly follow the modules negotiated by the most renowned artists for the best learning and refining the artist in you. During the 6 months, our experts would drive you on an art journey, a journey beginning with the basics and improving the skills giving you the confidence to face the next level of fine arts.